Oncology Treatment

Dr. Mehandar Kumar is a board-certified hematologist-oncologist. He has privileges in St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in Paterson as well as Bayshore Community Hospital in Holmdel and Raritan Bay Medical Center in Old Bridge and Perth Amboy.

Here are some of the most helpful tips for gaining weight during an Oncology Treatment Old Bridge NJ that have proved worthwhile and effective:

  1. When you’re exhausted or deficient an appetite, drinking needs less effort than chewing. Fruits and veggie smoothies prepared with coconut oil, flaxseed oil, or peanut butter are the good options to get the best results for any stage of Hematology Treatment Holmdel NJ. It will bring ample relief.
  2. Eat more frequently throughout the day. Try small or high-calorie servings rather. It will bring drastic improvement.
  3. Think through meeting with a listed dietitian who can work with you to help you improve a nutrition plan based on your health history, disease type, and Oncology Treatment Old Bridge NJ. A diet guide will matter the most in such conditions.
  4. Eat plenty of healthy fats, such as fatty fish, olive oil, coconut oil, butter, avocados, nuts, and nut butter for the immune system, proper health and a perfect metabolism of the body.
  5. Don’t drink too much caffeine. Staying hydrated is especially important when fighting cancer as it results in the Best Cancer Treatment Hazlet NJ. One or two cups of coffee a day is sufficient therefore it is better to stick to that schedule.
  6. Don’t eat too many high-fiber foods when trying to gain weight. Foods that are high in fiber may fill you up rapidly. If you eat a lot of vegetables make sure to stabilize them with protein and fat.
  7. If you or your loved ones are fighting cancer or undergoing Haematology Treatment Holmdel NJ, then make sure you follow the above-mentioned tips in your diet. In case of any other related issues, consult specialists at GK Health for your wellbeing and healthy lifestyle.